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My "Healing From Infidelity Professional Program" is several years in the making and hot off the press (video editors' computers)


Limited Time, "NEW" Adopter Price - $397

For a limited time, purchasers will be able to ask me questions about the program -how I work it and what I say and do in specific circumstances. I'll answer the questions in a video format, and upload them as additional bonuses inside the program.

Healing From Infidelity: A Professional Program



I’m Michele Weiner-Davis. I am so excited to share with you my new training program on helping couples heal from infidelity and make their marriages loving again.


Look, dealing with infidelity is hard. It’s very hard. It’s hard for the people going through it, and it’s hard for therapists who want to help them. 
Plus, if you’re like me, and I suspect you are, you never received any hands-on training to guide couples through this very difficult time.  Perhaps, you’ve been relying on generic therapy skills to help couples heal, hoping these skills would work.   They don’t.  They’re not enough.  


After an affair, couples are so lost, so desperate, they truly need a therapist who knows exactly what to expect and exactly what to do when the inevitable struggles surface.  In short, couples need an “infidelity specialist.”   
This doesn’t mean that you have to work exclusively with couples who are dealing with infidelity.  It just means that if you work with couples, infidelity is already a part of what you do and that being so, you need a clear-cut model to guide you. 


And that’s what my training program is all about, a hands-on, step-by-step map for walking couples through the complex process of repairing and rebuilding their marriages.  


So, what do I know about helping couples heal from infidelity? A lot. 


Many people know me as the Divorce Buster because of my work with couples teetering on the brink of divorce. I’ve been specializing in divorce prevention work since the mid-80’s.
I’m also the author of 8 books including the best-selling Divorce Busting, The Sex-Starved Marriage and most recently, Healing from Infidelity. 
My TEDx TALK: THE SEX-STARVED MARRIAGE has been viewed more than 3 .7 MILLION TIMES!


For more than a decade, I have limited my private practice to offering 2-day intensives with couples who fly from all over the world to work with me in Boulder, Colorado. 


Approximately 85% of these couples are dealing with issues related to affairs.  As a result, I’ve learned more about infidelity and how to help people move beyond the pain than I ever thought possible.  I’ve paid close attention to what works- and what doesn’t- in terms of rebuilding trust and healing marriages.  And the result? 


My hot-off-the-press video training program- “Healing from Infidelity: A Program For Professionals.”  


I am so excited about this training for several reasons.  One- it works! Thousands of couples have mended their marriages as a result of my directive, solution-based, optimistic approach. 


Plus, true to my teaching style over the years- I’ve traveled extensively offering professional workshops all over the world- my training is short on theory and long on practical “how-to’s.” I don’t bore you with demographics about the unfaithful, nor do I wax eloquent about why people stray.  


Instead, I describe the most common clinical conundrums you’ll encounter with these couples, along with specific suggestions on how to handle each one.  I’m talking, “what to do, what to say.”  I leave nothing to the imagination! 


I’m also excited about this video training because you can access it anywhere, at any time!  You don’t have to go to a conference, leave home or get on long security lines at the airport.  You can watch it at your convenience, at home in your fashion forward P.J.’s if you like! 




So, join me in my mission to help couples love each other more deeply after betrayal.  You’ll feel more confident and satisfied with the work you’re doing with these couples.  I know you will find my program to be incredibly helpful to you. 


Plus, when you watch this training, you will feel like I’m in the room with you, guiding you every step of the way.  



Over 6 1/2 Hours of Video

I've condensed my decades of experience into 30 lessons and bonuses. I take you behind the door of my office and show you exactly what to do and say.

This is a very directive, hands-on training.  When you shut your office door, I want you to feel empowered and confident. I want you to feel eager to take on more couples who are hurting due to betrayal. In short, I want you to be "an infidelity specialist!"


Train at your own pace

You can binge watch the entire program in a day. Or watch one lesson a day for a full month.  Take notes, watch over and over again - it's up to you.

If you prefer, you can download the audio version and listen when running, walking, hiking (my favorite), sunbathing, commuting, or doing anything else.


Limited Time, "NEW" Adopter Price of $397

For a limited time, purchasers will be able to ask me questions about the program -how I work it and what I say and do in specific circumstances. I'll answer the questions in a video format, and upload them as additional bonuses inside the program.


Here's just a bit of what's inside:

  • My background - how I became an infidelity specialist

  • Two primary reasons couples feel uncertain about staying together after infidelity

  • How to deal with intense/angry emotions in the session

  • How to soothe betrayed spouse’s PTSD symptoms 

  • What to do when one spouse wants to discuss the affair and the other doesn’t     

  • How detailed should the information about the affair be

  • What happens when you find out about an affair in an individual session.  What do you do?


  • Another dilemma - what to do when the unfaithful spouse won't give up the affair

  • Who should clients talk to about the affair - family, friends, children?

  • How to instill hopefulness when couples feel despair

  • Why being extremely directive is essential during the process

  • How to be directive and firm without alienating either spouse

  • The importance of asking your client exactly how he or she ended the affair.  Discover how I handle this issue

  • How shame often stands in the way of experiencing empathy and remorse

  • What to do when shame creates impasses

  • Helping unfaithful spouses make apologies that are meaningful and effective

  • Rebuilding trust through "x-treme transparency and accountability"

  • What to do when the betrayed spouse can't or won't acknowledge positive change in the behavior of the unfaithful spouse

  • Setbacks - what to do

  • How do you respond to a couple who feels hopeless and wants to quit

  • How to discuss the relationship issues that contributed to the affair - with both spouses

  • When to separate spouses into individual sessions - what to say and do

  • How to handle the  unfaithful spouse's lingering feelings about the affair partner

  • How to strategically handle conversations about the unfaithful spouses's grief in light of the betrayed spouse's pain

  • Helping the unfaithful spouse to understand how and why the affair occurred

  • Helping couples talk about sex and become sexual after the affair- I share what really works

  • What to do when the betrayed spouse wants to be close physically, but still struggles with it

  • Fostering forgiveness

  • What to do when forgiveness isn't possible

  • Redefining expectations about monogamy moving forward

  • Creating rituals to celebrate progress and healing

  • What to do differently if one spouse is on the fence about the marriage

Stream and/or Download

The program is available to stream via the internet.  You can also download the videos, audio lesson components and the 35 page Program Outline, Workbook/Notebook.


For a limited time, purchasers will be able to ask me questions about the program -how I work it and what I say and do in specific circumstances. I'll answer the questions in a video format, and upload them as additional bonuses inside the program.


It's my goal to add additional coaching and mastermind group opportunities for my colleagues and trainees.  NEW "Adopters" (Purchasers) will be afforded the opportunity to submit questions to me and have them answered on additional video "bonuses" inside the program. 

"NEW Adopters" will also receive advance notice of additional coaching and mastermind group openings!








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